So I've seem to have lost my muse. Lately I've sat down at a blank canvas and just stared at it for hours. I've changed settings, routines, etc. I can't seem to channel my emotions to the canvas. Everything I've attempted has just gone terribly wrong. So apologies my friends and followers, I am in deep search of some new inspiration. or just to find my muse again..

From what I have been able create I have decided I am going to do a series of these. I've had a good amount of positive feedback from the first one so I'm goin nuts with it haha. enjoy!

Emptiness 1 & 2 (#2 is still a work in progress)

Emptiness 1 - 18" x 24" ink on 1/8" flat gessobord

Emptiness 2 - 30" x 40" ink on 3/4" stretched canvas


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