It's about time for an update.

Only because it seems like i post in here once in a blue moon. I am terrible at this forgive me.

I've always been asked by galleries, collectors, vendors etc. what's my inspiration. and every time I give the very shallow answer, "I guess color and blending one with another". *crickets* ... right? as of recent thanks to my partner who had mentioned he can tell what kind of mood I am in by looking at the painting I'm working on. I guess I had never realized that my emotions due to my life events really portray in my art. I knew I had always liked music playing in the background but I guess I never made the connection between the two. Learn something new every day I guess!

I've been starting to play with ink again. The only downfall I find with it is that claybords get to be a little pricey and like to run my wallet dry! Regardless, I love the effect it has with ink and is probably my favorite surface to work on.

I am open for commissions!!!! if you are interested please contact me through my contact page located in the menu bar at the top of the page.


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