The artist:

Eric Michael Fischer

Based in Houston, Texas, Eric is 30 years old and has been painting for as long as he can remember. He is a self taught artist constantly experimenting with different medias and techniques. Eric began selling his work in 2016, when he decided it was time to pursue his career as an artist. He has become a successful freelance and commissioned artist with a growing clientele. He has been featured in several showcases and currently retails his work in a boutique in The Heights of Houston. 

"For a long time people have asked me what inspires my art. Truth is, for a long time I didn't know. I just knew I loved working with color and painting things I could imagine on my walls. The past few years I've discovered my painting is so much deeper than that. I use painting to express my emotions to my current life events. Good or bad, my art will show it. People who are close to me have been able to figure out how I am feeling just by looking at my current work. Either way my goal is to make the world a more colorful place and to simply make people smile and get lost in their own imagination. The world can be a hard one if you can't take your mind off of things every now and then.

I'm continuously experimenting with different mediums, it's rare that the same process is ever used twice. I like to focus on the use of acrylics and inks. color palettes are a thing for me. Sometimes I get caught up in choosing one. I've learned expectations are hardly met so its best to go into each piece blindfolded. kind of like we do throughout life."

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